With the development prospect of the domestic electronic market and the continuous upgrading, refinement and high integration of electronic products, the current electronic components are also transformed from plug-in type to chip type. This transformation also saves the installation space of circuit boards and expands the functions of products. It is also a large-scale upgrade of the electronic industry, Therefore, the demand for SMD taping machine in the whole electronic industry has greatly improved with the refinement of electronic components.

Electronic components taping and packaging machines can be divided into two categories: semi-automatic and full-automatic. SMD taping machine requires fast packaging speed, stable taping and packaging, and can detect the polarity, appearance, direction, measurement and other functions of electronic components as required. As the R & D cost of Chinese enterprises is relatively low, and they adhere to R & D for a long time, and the technology is becoming more and more mature, the tape braiding machine developed by Chinese enterprises is already a mature product. For example, HJC-007S full-automatic tape and reel machine, HJC-007T tape braiding machine and high-speed IC tube assembly tape and reel machine planned to be listed at the end of 2022 are professionally developed and manufactured with reference to international production capacity standards. In the future development process, domestic tape braiding machines will make another qualitative leap in the future.

HJS automation international is a packaging tape manufacturer specializing in the design, development, production and sales of SMD electronic component packaging tape. Its main products include SMD tape, led tape, IC tape, crystal oscillator tape, connector tape, inductance tape, capacitance tape, upper cover tape and rubber disk; At the same time, it operates the upper cover tape products suitable for various specifications of carrier tape and various types of rubber discs. HJS automation international carrier products are manufactured according to the international specifications of eia-841-c, and have passed the ISO9001-2008 international quality management certification system. HJS automation international adheres to the principle of sincere, rigorous and professional service attitude. Adhering to the service tenet of “quality first, excellence”. For the majority of new and old customers, to provide quality and thoughtful service. Welcome to consult and enquiry: 0086 15989403900


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