The tape and reel machine can be divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic. It is to put the bulk components into the carrier tape after passing the inspection, reversing and testing stations. With the continuous upgrading, refinement and high integration of electronic products, electronic components have also been transformed from plug-in type to chip type, so as to save the installation space of circuit board and expand the functions of products. It is a major revolution in the electronics industry.


The tape and reel machine has fast tapping speed. With testing function, equipped with corresponding tester, the taping function can quickly test the capacity value and resistance value of the chip, and sort the good and bad products; The taping machine adopts PLC as the core control; The display screen has a unique design. The LCD shows the order and simulates the state of each control point. It can easily set and modify various parameter values, monitor various working states and their taping speed. The tape and reel machine works stably and has reliable performance.

Product features:

● it is applicable to a wide range of products and easy to change specifications.

● the transmission system of cam and splitter is stable and reliable.

● the fault detection design is perfect and the alarm is clear at a glance.

● the frequency converter changes speed without section, tracks the feeding status and automatically increases or decreases the speed.

● PLC has low accuracy and stability.

● the braiding height is adjustable, flexible and convenient.

● material receiving mode selection, vertical and horizontal.

● accurate empty material detection and part counting

● complete equipment for purchase and provide complete solutions.

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