The flexible feeding system solves the production demand pain point of small batch and multi variety rapid refueling with fast beat, high precision and small material damage in fine parts assembly automation. There are seven types of HJS automation flexible feeding systems, namely u10-u55. U10 flexible feeding system is an integrated silo, and the tray and silo are designed for quick replacement disassembly. U55 flexible feeding system is designed for quick replacement of tray, It can clear materials, change products faster, and so on. Moreover, the applicable materials of these seven kinds of equipment are also different, which are selected according to the size of materials and feeding beat; The supporting vision system multi feeder can accurately locate and grasp the parts on the surface of the vibration plate.

1、 Advantages of flexible feeding system

Strong universality

Flexible feeding system is suitable for small parts such as thin sheet, special-shaped, surface coating and so on

Flexible production

The flexible feeding system can realize multi variety sharing and fast material switching

Accurate positioning

Independently developed industrial visual positioning technology, which can accurately locate and capture, and the image positioning accuracy can reach ± 0.03mm

Visual management system

The self-developed visual grab system can store the material selection and configuration programs of various materials. It is simple to install and debug and complete the variety switching with one key.

2、 Principle of flexible feeding system

The working principle of flexible feeding system is to use the interference principle of resonance and coherent wave to achieve the process that materials move in a certain direction to form an arrangement. The flexible feeding system takes the voice coil motor as the power source, four voice coil motors (equivalent to four vibration points) are distributed at the four inner corners of the vibrating disc platform, and the voice coil motor is controlled by the vibrating disc controller to control the vibration frequency of the feeding disc to reach the natural frequency of the material, cause resonance of the material, and make the material in an active (easy to move) state.

The flexible vibrating plate mainly includes the frame body and the loading plate, and the frame body mainly plays the role of support and fixation. The frame body is mainly composed of a bottom plate, a voice coil motor module (composed of at least one motor base and at least one voice coil motor), a cover plate and a vibrating disk controller.

The frame body is formed into a rectangular body with an internal hollow structure, the top of which is an upward opening structure, and a loading tray for carrying the materials to be distributed is installed on the opening side of the frame body. The bottom plate of the charging tray has light transmittance, and the charging tray is detachably installed on the cover plate of the frame. The voice coil motor module is located between the bottom plate and the cover plate of the body, and the motor base is installed on the bottom plate of the frame, which is used to fix the voice coil motor. The driving end of the voice coil motor is connected with the cover plate, and the vibration torque output by the voice coil motor is transmitted to the material tray through the cover plate to vibrate the materials in the material tray.

A multi-color backlight LED light board is set in the frame to provide a light source to cooperate with the 3D visual positioning system to obtain the image information of the material in the loading tray. The image information of the material is the X, y coordinate position and deflection angle information of the material.

The vibration disk controller is located in the frame body, and the vibration disk controller is electrically connected with the voice coil motor. It is used to control the output vibration torque to switch the material vibration in the loading disk (i.e. vibration in the X, y and Z axes) and the color of the output light source used to trigger the multi-color backlight LED board.

The visual positioning system is set at one side of the flexible feeder. An industrial visual camera is set in the cross bar at the top of the visual positioning system. The visual camera is located above the feeding tray. When the visual camera takes pictures, the visual camera feeds back the image information to the software controller, which processes the input material image information into coordinate information, It is sent to the executive PLC program (industrial robot control program) of the software controller. The industrial robot receives and processes the coordinate information, then executes the action, and feeds back the action completion information to the software controller. As the carrier of software, the software controller includes operation software and software control program. The software controller is used to control the body, visual positioning system and industrial robot. The output end of the software controller is electrically connected with the input end of the flexible vibrating disk controller. When shaking, the software controller outputs control signals to the flexible feeding system controller, Make the vibrating disc controller vibrate the feeding disc, the signal output end of the flexible vibrating disc controller is electrically connected with the input end of the voice coil motor, and then control the vibration frequency and other parameters of the voice coil motor to make the feeding disc vibrate, so that the materials can gather or disperse along the x, y and / or Z axes in the feeding disc.

When the material is extracted, the voice coil motor stops vibrating, the software controller triggers the visual positioning system to obtain the material information, processes the image information into coordinate information (i.e. the status information in the X, y and / or Z axis direction of the material) through the software controller, and sends it to the executive program of the software controller (industrial robot control program), The executive action circuit or program of the software controller outputs the processed coordinate information to the industrial robot, and the industrial robot takes out the materials.

Flexible feeding system is very suitable for some scenes of fast renewal and frequent material switching. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing and 3C electronics. Let’s take a look at some specific application cases of flexible vibrating disk:

HJS automation focuses on the research and development of parts feeding technology in the field of flexible intelligent manufacturing. The flexible feeding system independently developed by our company solves the pain points of ultra-small sheet, easy scratch damage and non sorting of special-shaped parts that cannot be solved by the traditional vibrating disk. It is more in line with the needs of small batch and multi variety flexible production in the current automation, and switches the product production in 3 seconds, Help customers build intelligent, flexible and automatic chemical plants.


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