working principle:

Working principle of tape and reel machine: after the taping and packaging electromechanical and air source are connected, if it is hot packaging, let the sealing knife rise to the appropriate temperature and adjust the tape carrier and air pressure. Put the SMD components into the carrier belt with manual or automatic feeding equipment, and the motor rotates to pull the cover belt forming carrier tape to the packaging position. In this position, the cover tape is on the top and the carrier tape is on the bottom. After heating, two sealing blades are pressed on the cover tape and the carrier tape to seal the SMD component on the carrier tape cavity, so as to achieve the purpose of SMD component packaging. Then the receiving reek rolls up the sealed carrier tape.

The tape and reel machine can provide unified direction, test product polarity, appearance inspection, laser marking and other functions according to the production needs of customers.

Some tape and reel machines are not hot sealed, but cold sealed. The cold sealing is that the cover tape and the carrier tape can be stuck together without heating. At this time, the cover tape used should be sticky. Before packaging, the carrier tape generally goes through two sensors, one for counting and the other for material control. Material control is to detect if there are missing components in the carrier tape. If a leakage is detected, the motor of the taping machine will stop immediately and the cutter head will also be generated to the upper position. The counting sensor generally uses optical fiber and also requires fast reaction speed, so that the counting will not be missed. The counting sensor can count the side pitch holes of the carrier tape. The number of side pitch holes must be converted back to be the correct number of SMD.


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